In-house Training

Whilst we provide a wide range of training and development solutions we understand that your needs are unique to your School or College. We would be pleased to discuss your individual requirements. Please submit your query via our contact form.


It is important to note that in- house training can be delivered in a style and format that suits your needs.

Our trainers are happy to:

  • Deliver courses on a one to one basis
  • Deliver courses to a small group in a single room
  • Facilitate group working with larger groups
  • Deliver courses to whole staff groups either as a whole group or in several sessions

N.B. All materials for the course will be provided by Kangaroo Training Limited – including photocopies of all relevant resources.

Where courses have specific requirements for your school/ college, our trainers will happily tailor their resources to suit your specific requirements.

Contact us about our in-house training