Teaching AQA PHED 3 in a Practical and Engaging Way

For the AQA A2 Level Physical Education course

N.B. This is a practical course and suitable clothing should be worn for trampoline/ sports hall activities.

Dates & venues

Harrow Leisure Centre
Fri 17/01/14 9.30 am- 12.30
Castle Leisure Centre
Bury, BL90EZ
Weds 22/01/14 1-4 pm
Grove Leisure Centre
Belfast BT15 3HB
Thurs 30/01/14 1- 4pm

Course Description & Aims

This course is for current or prospective teachers of AQA A level (A2) Physical Education. The course will provide teachers of Physical Education with a thorough and innovative knowledge base to enthuse their A2 students.

Throughout the course, there will be reference to and demonstration of practical examples/ drills/ activities/ assessments in order to teach aspects of the course practically. The session will also enable teachers to experience the practical activities themselves (if they so wish).

All activities covered on the course will be related to past questions/ mark schemes and a direct link will be created between the activity and the relevance to PHED 3 papers.

Delegates will also be provided with resources to use in their lessons and various worksheets that back up the practical activity.

N.B. Although some of the course is delivered via trampolines, practical ability is not a necessity. Delegates can choose to watch or join in!

Cost £125 per centre

N.B. Schools do not need to pay in advance- they can choose to have an invoice sent to their school.

What are the benefits of attending this course?

  • Develop a thorough knowledge of the depth required for a variety of PHED 3 topics
  • Understand a large variety of engaging, practical ways to enthuse your A2 students
  • Gain the ability to link engaging teaching methods to past exam questions/ mark schemes
  • Understand how practical activity can help students to learn potential topics for 14 mark essay questions
  • Receive key feedback from a senior moderator/ examiner, whilst having the opportunity to submit questions
  • Receive a copy of resources that can be used in the classroom

Course Leader: Ross Howitt

Ross is Principal Moderator and Coursework Advisor for a major exam board. He has managed a strong team of teachers in a large and successful provider of GCSE and A Level Physical Education and brings a wealth of experience to this course. Ross has a strong reputation for delivering focused and informative INSET courses and is a regular provider of articles and information to a number of educational periodicals.

Teaching AQA PHED 3 in a practical and engaging way

(For use with AQA A2 Physical Education course)

Full programme

This is a three hour face to face course:

The course will explore many topic areas including:

  • Muscle physiology
  • Sliding filament mechanism
  • Leadership
  • Social facilitation
  • Impulse graphs
  • Vectors
  • Newton’s Laws of linear motion
  • Factors affecting the flight of an object/ distance it’s thrown
  • Energy systems
  • Arousal
  • Achievement motivation
  • Conservation of Angular momentum
  • Plyometrics
  • Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation
  • Periodisation
  • OBLA/ Vo2 max (and their relationship)

For each topic area, many practical ideas will be used including:

  • Use of a trampoline
  • Use of a gym mat
  • Use of inexpensive items that can be bought in high street shops
  • Use of partners/ groups
  • Whole class activities
  • Analysis using ipads/ video/ camera
  • Use of gym equipment
  • Use of resistance aids
  • Use of various objects- to throw
  • Use of starting blocks etc etc

The activities will be covered in detailed and will be reinforced with reference to past questions/ mark schemes and resources.

A coffee/ tea break will be integrated into the session. Tea & coffee will be paid for by KangarooTraining Limited

If you have any questions please contact us via email at support@kangarootraining.co.uk.