Maximising marks through using Badminton Officiating for AQA AS Level PE

Do you already use or are thinking about using Badminton Officiating for your students doing AQA AS Physical Education?

We may have two courses that will benefit you greatly!

  1. Online Course: An online, 1 hour course that you can watch on any day and at any time that suits you and your department. The course will focus on how to interpret the marking criteria for Badminton Officiating and how to maximise marks.
  2. Visiting Course: An opportunity for an ‘in the know’ teacher to instruct your students/ staff in how to maximise marks using Badminton officiating (this course would take place at your centre). This could be later in the year to fine tune what you are doing or early on to get you started and establish where you need to get to.

1 hour web based course on how to maximise marks for AQA AS Level PE using Badminton Officiating

The online 1 hour course (maximising student marks using Badminton Officiating)


  • A one hour course held on our You Tube tv channel
  • All we would need from you is your You Tube user name and we can ensure you have access. You will NOT be billed for viewing the course until you have actually watched it!
  • Can be watched at any time of day/ day of the week to suit you
  • You will be given an email address to submit any resulting questions to after the course. These questions will be answered within 3 days of them being submitted.
  • The course will be available to view from September 25th 2013 onwards.
  • Can be paused to take notes
  • Will go through every one of the 10 points to be assessed in detail and how to maximise marks
  • Will show actual footage- demonstrating what works and what doesn’t
  • Course cost- £75 (N.B. Your whole department could watch the course for this one off cost!)

You can book here (DON’T FORGET TO INCLUDE YOUR YOU TUBE USER NAME BESIDE YOUR OWN NAME!!) through our website or if you prefer, simply email us at with your name, school address and You Tube user name. Remember you will not receive an invoice until after the course has been viewed.

Maximising marks through using Badminton Officiating for AQA AS Level PE- Organising a visit from an external expert who will instruct staff & students

The visit from an ‘in the know’ teacher

  • The instructor will take as many students and staff as you stipulate through the 10 assessment points and will practically demonstrate in a live setting what works and what doesn’t
  • The instructor will provide live feedback to your students on what they are doing well and / or how to improve
  • The instructor will visit at a time/ date to suit you and your students- e.g. some centres like an early visit to ‘set the scene’ whereas others like a ‘later’ visit to help with fine tuning before moderation
  • The course is likely to last 2 ½ hours but can be extended / reduced to suit your preference
  • A 2 ½ course costs £250 incl’ VAT (There is no maximum number on the number of students/ staff that can attend)
  • An invoice will be sent to your school after the course has taken place

Find out more details on our website by clicking here or email us at to register an interest