About Us

Kangaroo Training Limited works with the Education sector to provide exceptional training and development to facilitate improved and informed practice. We aim to provide you with an effective solution to your training & development needs.


We understand the value and the impact that the right trainer can have on your School/ College. Our extensive knowledge and expertise of the education sector enables us to provide you with cost-effective training and development. This training may be generic to all institutions or can be catered to your specific needs in house. Our main aim is to ensure the event has maximum impact and leaves you feeling a step closer to your ultimate aims.

Your experience of our trainers is really important to us and so we make it simple to work with us and pride ourselves on providing great customer care.

Kangaroo Training Limited can provide you with:

  • Courses for teachers to attend at accessible locations
  • Consultants to visit your School/ College to facilitate specific, bespoke solutions to your individual needs
  • Student revision courses
  • In-house departmental help
  • Whole School/ College INSET solutions
  • Opportunities to share good practice

Why you should choose us?

  • If you under pressure to improve your results but simply need help getting started/ fine tuning what you already do?
  • Do need a new approach to cause effective short/ medium and long term change to your teaching?
  • Our trainers will help you to achieve this!
  • We aim to improve your general practice and bring clarity to how you and your students can achieve greater success
  • You can attend a course in comfortable, accessible venues
  • You can bring an expert to your school to provide you with bespoke help and advice tailored to your needs